Community Based Programming

 Unlike other areas in the United States, the Latino Community in Allegheny County is dispersed and not concentrated in one specific area. With this in mind, our Community Based Programming looks differently in different neighborhoods. Our mission through our CBP is to connect with Latinos in the neighborhoods they call home, and ensure they are connected to their neighborhood of choice and are taking advantage of the different resources around them. Likewise, we work with community organizations to support them in expanding their services and resources to our community. In some neighborhoods, this means bringing and creating programming like afterschool programs in order to better serve our community. In other areas it is making the connection with partner organizations to bring English classes, DV support services and other resources to the area.


We are currently supporting efforts in the areas of Mooncrest, Beechview, and Downtown Pittsburgh. Official programming is scheduled to begin January 2018*

Welcome Hub

Our Welcome Hub is located right in the heart of the Cultural District in Downtown Pittsburgh. With resources in Spanish available for Latinos who have been living in our region for decades, to Latinos who have just arrived, our Welcome Hub can connect you to different resources in the community, including many of our partner organizations!


If you are looking to support Latino owned businesses or Latino professionals you can also reach out to our Welcome Hub and ask for our “Latino Impact” information to learn about the many Latinos making a difference in our area and contributing to our economy!


Community Engagement

Feeling engaged and finding a way to give back to the community is key in helping you feel integrated and it helps in building relationships. Through our volunteer days, we provide opportunities for Latinos to give back to our region.

Whether you are a Latino student trying to get community service hours for your college applications, or Latinos who simply want to give back, these opportunities are for you!


Check out our Facebook Page for updated opportunities coming up!


Interested in signing up for a volunteer day email us at!

College Readiness

While the dropout rates of Latinos is slowly declining, research shows that Latinos still experience unique barriers in planning for and succeeding in College.

Through our College Readiness program, we provide workshops tailored for Latino parents and students around why higher education is key, when to start planning for college, FAFSA workshops (in collaboration with organizations such as CCAC), and scholarship information.


Other opportunities include:

• College Tours

• College Info Sessions


*Coming soon:

• One- on-One Scholarship Support

• Mentorship Program

• Internship Workshops




There are many issues and harsh realities our community is facing, many stemming from a lack of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.


We believe that no child should be worried about being separated by his/her parents. We believe that everyone should have the right to live a life out of the shadows.

We believe that more needs to be done to understand this.


The LCC is actively pushing and advocating to make systems in our region more accessible and human to our community. We work with partner organizations to push cases forward, and we work one-on- one with systems that are ready to change.

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